Gebouw 29 - verrekijker

Capacity: 15

Closest car park = car park at Poort Oost

Approval label from Tourist Board Flanders: youth accommodation of type B

General info: 

- small comfortable accommodation at the outskirts of the domain (at car park at Poort Oost of exit Kasterlee)
- central heating


- room with large windows, chairs, tables and sitting area
- extra sitting area (first floor, but with link with day room)

Target goups: 

- small youth groups (e.g. group of monitors), groups taking a course, families and friends


3 bedrooms: 15 beds

- room with two bunk beds (4 persons)
- room with double bunk bed (4 persons) and one single bed

- room with two bunk beds (4 persons) and two single beds (2 persons)
- two washbasins
- two blankets per bed

- sheets (or sleeping bag) can be brought from home (or hired)


- fully equipped, coffee machine, electric cooking range, dishwasher, storage cupboards and small storage room that can be locked.

Sanitary facilities: 

- bathroom: bathtub, two washbasins, toilet
- shower: shower cubicle, two washbasins
- toilet