Swimming pond

Only for groups staying at the domain, not for passers-by or day tourists.

When the green flag is flying, there is surveillance from a certified rescuer and your group can swim here free of charge. However, you must indicate a supervisor among your group who must present him-/herself to the rescuer.

Hours with rescuer

• July - August: daily between 13.30 and 18.00 h.

• April - June and September - October: upon request

If you want to swim beyond these hours, please contact the reception & information office.

Water quality
De Hoge Rielen checks the water quality of the pond at regular intervals. Do not throw waste or natural material in it. This would affect the quality of the water.

Rafts and vessels
Rafts and vessels are not allowed on the swimming pond. For this, you can use the pond at the back of the swimming pond ('Spiegelaar'). In the Spiegelaar pond, you are not allowed to swim because there is no surveillance here.

Culm pits
The former square culm pits that you may come across here and there on the domain, are shallow and an ideal biotope for water flora and fauna. You are not allowed in.