The de Hoge Rielen is the ideal location for adventurous outdoor activities. 

Surrounded by forest, an extensive choice of camping areas and a camping tower for an adventurous overnight stay, challenging outdoor activities, fire pits to enjoy a cosy campfire ...

The de Hoge Rielen has it all!

Fire pits

There’s no better outdoor feeling than a cosy evening with your group by the campfire. Making a campfire and singing together, telling stories, toasting sausages or marshmallows … Pure enjoyment!
Each camp ground has its own fire pit. Are you staying in a building or maybe you need a larger fire pit? Then you can make a campfire for free at one of the three fire pits. You gather your own wood or you can use the available boxes of wood for a fee.

Would you like to reserve a fire pit and wood?

Contact the reception desk

Kids playing around bonfire

Fire pit A

  • Close to the reception building, next to the ‘Techniek & Uitleen’ (technique & loan materials) service
  • Near an old stone wall

Fire pit B:

  • Not far from Building 36 - Skating shed
  • In the middle of a large grassy meadow
  • Future plan: fire pit B will be redesigned as an amphitheatre, with more than 200 seats, through landscaping.

Fire pit C: 

  • Opposite the shed of Camp 30 - Vlag (Flag)
  • The shed is currently being renovated and fire pit C is not available
bonfire site
New Fire pit B

View the location of the fire pits on the ground plan of the domain.

View the map
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