Numerous workshops offer you the opportunity to explore the green space to the fullest and gain new experiences. 

For fun and educational workshops, you can contact the educational service of the de Hoge Rielen. We invite everyone to learn in a playful way, challenge themselves, explore and become stronger as a group.

Together with a guide from the de Hoge Rielen, you will set off and explore the beautiful green surroundings

A workshop on the theme of nature, culture, group formation & collaboration or human rights? For toddlers, children, teenagers, adolescents or adults? Anything is possible! 

Nature workshops 

Learn more about nature through play and experimenting. In our outdoor workshops, you learn what grows and lives here and discover so many new things. Nature stimulates you to embark on an adventure, to challenge yourself and to work together with others.

Discover our workshops in nature

Workshops culture

Experience (playfully) art and culture in nature. Nature is a powerful source of inspiration for creativity. 

Discover the artistic buildings and works of art that add an inseparable cultural dimension to the green environment.

Discover our culture workshops

Workshops on group formation & cooperation 

Challenge yourself as a group and become a stronger team. Both for new groups who need a helping hand to get to know each other and for existing groups who want to strengthen mutual relationships.

Discover our collaboration and team building workshops

Workshops Human rights

How can you inform children and young people about, and make them aware of, their human rights? During this workshop, you will experience human rights in a playful way and challenge yourself to start working with them. Good collaboration is important for this.

Since 2016, the Council of Europe has been supporting the de Hoge Rielen to make children’s and human rights more visible

Do you, like us, want children and young people to know their rights, to think about what this means for them and to start thinking actively about how we, as a society, deal with them? 

Take part in our accessible human rights activities. Together we raise awareness of human rights and encourage children and young people to think about them. 

Discover our Human rights workshops

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