Forest full of apps and pixels

Does photo editing or making stop motion videos appeal to you? Armed with a tablet we head into the forest. 

We seek out beautiful places and let natural elements come to life by capturing them in photographs and adding surprising effects to them. 

During this photo editing workshop, we create our own story in small groups and let ourselves be inspired by children’s rights.

With the little ones, we take and edit photos to accompany a fantasy story. From the age of 10, we create our own comic strip through photo editing. During this workshop, we prepare 14+’s to become directors of their own stop motion video!

  • Age: 6 - 18+ years
  • Number of participants: minimum 12 and maximum 25
  • Duration: 2.5 hours

Human rights theme

How can you inform children and young people about and make them aware of their human rights? During this workshop you experience human rights in a playful way and challenge yourself to start working with them. A good collaboration is important here.

Since 2016, the Council of Europe has supported the de Hoge Rielen in making children’s and human rights more visible. 
Do you want children and young people to know their rights, just like us, and to make them think about what this means for them and to actively think about how we deal with them as a society?

Take part in our low-threshold activities on human rights. In this way, together we increase awareness of human rights and encourage children and young people to think about this.

Excited about doing this workshop?

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