Getting started with map and compass

Have you ever been lost in a forest or city? Having a map with you is always handy. 

After this workshop you will know all about map directions, orienting yourself and mapping out routes

Once you have learned to orient yourself, finding your way around will be a breeze.

During this fascinating workshop, you will learn in a playful way where you are, both on the map and in reality. After a number of preparatory exercises, you will go out with a map to search for various checkpoints in the forest. 

An ingenious digital system checks whether or not you have followed the correct order. If most of the lights go green, then you are a real orientation champion! 

  • Age: 6 - 14 years
  • Number of participants: minimum 12 and maximum 25 (larger groups on request)
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Prices

Theme Nature

Learn about nature, what grows and lives here through play and experiments, and discover new things. Nature stimulates you to take on an adventure, to challenge yourself and to work together with others.

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