Nature management

Would you like to contribute to nature conservation on the de Hoge Rielen? Then this activity is absolutely made for you. 

With shovels, turf cutters, saws and wheelbarrows we go to a part of the domain that is in urgent need of a helping hand

Enjoy nature to the fullest!

During the process you will learn why certain human interventions are useful or even necessary for nature. Nature management allows us to create greater biodiversity in certain areas. During this activity, we discover who and what lives in nature in a part of the de Hoge Rielen domain. 

  • Age: 6 - 18+ years
  • Number of participants: in consultation
  • Duration: in consultation

Theme Nature

Learn about nature, what grows and lives here through play and experiments, and discover new things. Nature stimulates you to take on an adventure, to challenge yourself and to work together with others.

Excited about doing this workshop?

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