Teambuilding: touwenparcours

This team building activity invites you to stimulate your group skills, such as collaboration. 

As a team, you will work together to perform various exercises at altitude (+ - 4m high). 

Both on the ground and on the ropes course, it is important to consult with each other as a group, to respect your own boundaries and those of others, to trust and help each other. 

This altitude course also offers you time to reflect on the strengths of the group and points to work on.

  • Age: 16 - 18+ years
  • Number of participants: maximum 12
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Winter break: because winter conditions can negatively affect the safety and experience of the ropes course, we hold a winter break from December 1st to March 1st. During this period, making a reservation for the ropes course is not possible.

Theme building a group & collaboration

Challenge yourself as a group and become a stronger team. Both for new groups that need a helping hand to get to know each other, and for existing groups that want to strengthen mutual relationships.

Excited about doing this workshop?

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