Management ADJ

The non-profit organisation 'Algemene Dienst voor Jeugdtoerisme' (ADJ - General Agency for Youth Tourism) manages the Education Centre Destelheide and is responsible for its operations. This is done within the scope of a contract with the Flemish government. On these pages, you will find more information on ADJ and its activities.


ADJ coordinates and manages the offer of both youth infrastructures, which are owned by the Dutch-speaking Community, based on a vision on the evolutions in society. The objective: promoting and realising the educational targets of youth groups.


ADJ is an organisation managing both education centre Destelheide and accommodation centre de Hoge Rielen. In doing so, it aims, among others, at the equal treatment of all users.

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The roots of the ' General Agency for Youth Tourism' go way back in time, more in particular to 24 May 1945, immediately after the Second World War.

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General Agency for Youth Tourism
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