Youth Exchange

Youth Exchange

Through Youth Exchange, the de Hoge Rielen encourages young people to international exchange. 

  • Groups of young people from different countries meet around a theme of their own choice.
  • These young people participate in planning the program.
  • The common thread of this international exchange is sharing ideas and experiences.
  • The young people learn from each other and each other's culture in a non-formal way (for example, through workshops, games, activities ...)
A group laying under the Sun at the camping area
A group with their artworks

2018: Off The Grid

In 2018, we organised the Off The Grid youth exchange together with Karavaan (Belgium), Villa Elba (Finland) and Cita Di Torina (Italy).

What would it be like to build a social network without social media and technology? Belgian, Italian and Finnish young people took up the challenge. They went back to basics. All they needed was nature and each other. It was an international exchange week full of intercultural exchange, adventure and nature experiences.

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