Volunteering at the Hoge Rielen


The de Hoge Rielen counts on many volunteers

Volunteers deliver orders, help during events, are on hand at night for urgent help and they supervise various workshops from the educational service, such as the climbing forest, construction with wood and rope, biotope studies, etc.

Something for everyone

Would you like to be a volunteer for a weekend to supervise workshops and be the nightguard? Perfectly possible! Or would you like to help with the ordering service one day a month? Also fine!
As a volunteer, you can choose what you do and how often you come. Volunteering at the de Hoge Rielen is very flexible.

What do we offer you as a volunteer?

  • Meaningful use of time that suits your interests and abilities
  • The opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills in an enthusiastic team of permanent and voluntary staff
    Training and permanent support
  • A volunteer’s compensation and mileage allowance
  • The possibility to stay overnight if you work in the evening, have to start early in the morning or come several days in a row
  • You can enjoy the pleasure that guests experience at the de Hoge Rielen
Children group picking up herbs in the forest

What do we ask from you as a volunteer?

  • You must be at least 16 years of age
  • You can make yourself available once a month during the week or at the weekend
  • You can work together with other people and treat people and nature with respect
  • You understand that our guests always come first 
A girl holding a box of milk bottles

Volunteering at the de Hoge Rielen: something for you?

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