On the de Hoge Rielen you stay in the complete freedom and peacefulness of nature. This is reinforced by the car-free character of the domain. 

In 2017, the de Hoge Rielen launched a new phase to the mobility plan that is part of the master plan. We switched from a low-traffic area to a car-free domain, a new cycling and walking route was introduced, accommodations and camp grounds were given new names and numbers and information carriers show visitors the right way quickly and efficiently.

So, you mainly get around the domain by walking or cycling.

Cyclists and pedestrians are central

The new route, new names, numbers and information carriers that point you in the right direction quickly and efficiently are aimed at the foremost road users of the de Hoge Rielen: pedestrians and cyclists.

For this well-thought-out wayfinding, the de Hoge Rielen called on Mijksenaar, a design and consultancy agency.

New arrivals

Sustainable movement

We encourage guests to reach the domain in a sustainable way. Movements within the domain are carried out by bicycle or on foot. Thanks to a well-thought-out system, guests can flawlessly transport materials to their destination with the cargo bike and go-cart. Depending on the accommodation location, guests can park their car at Poort Noord (North gate), Poort Oost (East gate) or Poort Zuid (South gate). There you can load up your trusted cargo bike and your go-cart, and pedal on to the building. Per accommodation building or camp ground, you can use two bicycles, a cargo bike and/or go-cart free of charge. 

The staff of the de Hoge Rielen set a good example. We all travel by bicycle and electric means of transport. Since 2019, the de Hoge Rielen has also been offering its staff electric bikes to encourage cycling to and from work.

Public outdoor spaces

The public outdoor spaces, such as the footpath, the picnic area and the outdoor theatre, have been created within green zones to further emphasise the car-free character and provide an intuitive way of finding one’s way.

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