Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Catering for group stays, meals during camping

At the de Hoge Rielen you will find everything you need for a carefree stay, including catering. Maybe you don't feel like doing the dishes during your group stay? Maybe you have a non-equipped kitchen in your group accommodation? Or maybe you think a day off for the cooking captains during your camping stay would be nice? Then sit back and relax, take your meals in the restaurant

Do you prefer to eat in your own building, but don't have time to cook? Our catering service will also deliver your meals

Also included in our service, in order to ensure you have everything possible, you can order a whole range of basic products from us, so that you do not have to lug groceries around.

Serving guests at the Restaurant

Feet under the table at the restaurant

At the restaurant of the de Hoge Rielen you can enjoy a tasty, balanced meal. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. And we do the dishes!

The de Hoge Rielen attaches great importance to sustainability and healthy, local products. That is why, where possible, we work with organic products and local suppliers to provide you with the healthiest possible meals during your group stay.


For those who have something to celebrate or who want to make it nice and cosy during their group stay, our tasty barbecues are the right choice. We take care of the ingredients and the service. Of course, you can also cook your own

Would you prefer to do everything yourself? Via the de Hoge Rielen, you can quickly and easily order the necessary ingredients for a festive barbecue. If you order through us, the barbecue unit is free of charge.


Meetings, training or work sessions make you hungry!

A sandwich lunch is always a good idea. Do you want that little bit extra? You can now also opt for an assortment of light lunches and enjoy an aperitif, wraps, mini sandwiches and sweet pastry for dessert.

Meals delivered to your accommodation

Would you rather eat at your own group accommodation? No problem, we bring the meals to your group. Both the restaurant menu, barbecue and takeaway can be delivered. You ask and our catering service will bring it.

Ordering service

The de Hoge Rielen is a car-free domain and we are proud of that. Together with local suppliers, we have set up a delivery service to ensure that you do not have to carry heavy groceries yourself. In addition, we try to reduce the amount of waste this way.

At the moment, you can contact us for beverages, spreads, meat, bread, freshly made sandwiches and several non-food products. Reservations can be made in advance, for fresh food, up to one day before delivery.

A few weeks before your stay, you will receive all the information needed to prepare your meals and order your groceries.

Picnic area

A picnic area has been laid out next to the restaurant, where guests and visitors can relax during their tour of the domain. 

Would you like to order a picnic? Contact us

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Would you like to order meals?

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