Camp tower

Camp Tower

Unique camping offering an unforgettable experience

Are you looking for an unusual alternative to camping with just your family or a small group?

Are you looking for a unique place to camp? Then you should stay at the camp tower located at Camp 37 - Zonnebril (Sunglasses).

The stacked camping construction is designed by Import.Export Architecture (IEA) from Antwerp. Four camping platforms are kept in the air, like treehouses, by steel columns. The staggered positions offer different views and experiences.

We provide a 2-person tent, you take care of the rest!

We guarantee this form of unique camping in the de Hoge Rielen will be an unforgettable experience!

A man staying on the Camp tower

Camp Tower specific information

Or maybe you are not a fan of heights? You can also spend the night in your own tent at Camp 37 – Zonnebril (Sunglasses). This camp area in and near the forest is close to the camp tower.

If you stay overnight on the camp tower or at Camp 37 – Zonnebril (Sunglasses) you can enjoy the following facilities.

Communal sanitary facilities with hot water

  • 4 toilets
  • 2 washbasins
  • 2 communal showers

Additional information

  • Communal fire pit to make a campfire.
  • The camping season for campgrounds without a shed runs from Easter holidays until September 30th.
  • Possibility to make a reservation for meals at the restaurant
  • Possibility to make a reservation for the climbing forest
  • A vast domain full of opportunities.

Fancy a special camping experience on the camp tower?

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