Group accomodation

Group accomodation

In the de Hoge Rielen, all group accommodations are situated in the middle of the forest. Enjoy the green space and recharge your batteries during a stay with your group.

Are you looking for accommodation for your school’s nature classes, to camp with your youth organisation or an overnight stay for a family weekend? In the de Hoge Rielen, you will undoubtedly find the perfect accommodation for your group. Each building has an individual capacity and layout and is suitable for different guest types. For your stay, choose the group accommodation and facilities that best meet your needs! 

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      Do you need more than one accommodation building? If so, be sure to look at the map of the domain, so that the distance between the buildings does not affect your program or activities.

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      De Hoge Rielen Map
      Interactive map de Hoge Rielen
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