Preparing for your stay

Preparing for your stay

Where should I check-in? Can I enter the domain by car? What are the domain rules and regulations? Which materials can I borrow?

Below you will find everything you need to prepare for your stay at the de Hoge Rielen.


Upon arrival at the de Hoge Rielen, go to the reception desk to check your group in. There you will receive the necessary information about your reservation and the keys to your accommodation.

Make it easy for yourself and read or fill in the documents below in advance.

Attendees list

Safety Statement

Welcome booklet


The de Hoge Rielen is organised for cyclists and walkers. So, you can enjoy your stay in peace and without worries. 

The domain of the de Hoge Rielen is huge! It is, therefore, best to plan enough time for trips on foot. On the domain, you will find indications that efficiently guide walkers and cyclists.

No time to do everything on foot with your group? Then you can reserve extra bicycles.

Map de Hoge Rielen

View map

Discover the surface of the domain

View the walking distances and times

Transport on the domain

For travelling on the domain and for loading and unloading luggage and materials, use the bicycle, cargo bike and/or go-kart with the spacious loading box that belongs to your accommodation. 

Is it still necessary to enter the domain by car? Then you can make use of a limited number of driving permits.

If necessary, you can obtain a maximum of 3 driving permits at check-in for each accommodation you booked. On arrival, these badges are valid from the time the accommodation is reserved for you until 4 hours afterwards. On departure, these badges are valid from 4 hours before the scheduled departure time. Exception: on Sundays access is only allowed from 1 pm to 7 pm.

For example: If you have booked Building 3 - Penseel (Paintbrush) from Monday 10 am to Thursday 3 pm. Per badge, you have access to the domain with 1 car on Monday from 10 am to 2 pm and on Thursday from 11 am to 3 pm.


There are several car parks on the de Hoge Rielen domain. On the map you can check which car park is closest to your accommodation.

  • Parking near the Reception building

  • Parking at Poort Noord (North Gate)

  • Parking at Poort Oost (Ossengoor) (East Gate)

  • Parking at Poort Zuid (South Gate)

  • Bus parking

On arrival

  • Park cars in the reception car park.
  • Buses, trucks and vans must wait at the bus parking. They can only enter the domain via the supplier entrance (with a driving permit).

Domain rules

The de Hoge Rielen has rules regarding traffic, fire, waste and safety.

The rules of the de Hoge Rielen in a nutshell

The entire space is focused on and arranged for walking, hiking, cycling.


·        Roads: open to the public between 7 am and 9 pm

·        Play forest and woodland areas have restricted access

·        Demarcated nature reserve is not accessible

Motorised traffic is not allowed. Are you expecting a delivery? Please contact the reception desk.

Making a fire is not allowed. Would you like to use a fire pit? Please, contact the reception desk.

Smoking is not allowed.

Dogs and pets: must stay outside the domain.

After 10 pm it is quiet time on the entire domain. Do you still have a noisy activity? Please, inform the reception desk.

Waste: take it with you / guests can take waste to the container park on the domain

Also, read the complete rules and regulations of the de Hoge Rielen

Rules & regulations

Loan equipment

Tired of having to lug around endless amounts of equipment and materials? We have a lot of loan equipment that can come in handy during your stay.

Reserve the loan equipment you need at the reception desk.

Audiovisual equipment

Ideal for a small party or a film night with your group.

  • Mobile sound system: installation, headphones, 2 speakers, microphone, XLR cable, extension cable, junction box with 4 sockets, connection for MP3 and laptop
  • Beamer: beamer, power cable, connector cable and remote control
  • Big screen: 200 cm x 200 cm, 20 kg


Borrow bicycles to move around the domain quickly or to take a bike ride in the surroundings.

  • 50 ladies' bikes
  • 15 children's bicycles (8 - 12 years)

Lashing wood (toggle)

Make exciting lashing constructions at your accommodation building or campground. Hours of building and playing fun are guaranteed!

·        Large stock of lashing wood

·        Use is free of charge

·        Subject to availability, you cannot reserve this in advance

·        Transport of the lashing wood to your building or campground: to be provided by yourself or for a fee by the de Hoge Rielen employees (transport to be reserved in advance)

Other loan equipment

Don’t feel like lugging around extra tables and chairs, sleeping or playing equipment? You can borrow them from us for a small price.

  • Ball sets (basketball, handball, netball, football, omni)
  • Set of 5 folding tables and 10 folding benches
  • Set of 25 folding chairs
  • Stage elements (1 x 2 m)
  • Trekking mats
  • Bed linen package
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