The Theater

The Theatre

The Theater has been completely ready for use since June 2022. It was completely modernized and expanded. The multipurpose room has become more spacious and can be arranged flexibly. There is a bar that can also be used on the outside. This way we provide a connection with the outdoor theater. The fireplace has been retained and the sanitary facilities and the entrance area have been efficiently designed.

The Theater can serve as a space for performances, concerts, rehearsals, meetings, etc.

Specific information - Het Theater


  • Large multipurpose room (flexible layout)
  • Bar (can also be used from the outside)
  • Open Space
  • Backstage space
  • Reception area

Sanitairy facilities

  • 6 toilets


  • 250 chairs
  • Possibility to reserve a beamer or a music system.
  • Wifi

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Masterplan de Hoge Rielen

The new Theater is part of the Hoge Rielen master plan. Building 27 and Building 30  were also renovated and there is a completely new Building 39. Fireplace B was built from scratch. In this way we systematically continue to build a better domain. We continue to “create space for an experience, adventure and tranquility”'. That's our mission.

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