About us

About us

The de Hoge Rielen is an accommodation domain for young people and anyone with a youthful spirit. 

There are plenty of possibilities in this oasis of green space: an accommodation domain for multi-day group activities, nature classes, youth camps or weekend breaks? On our extensive nature domain, you will find accommodation buildings, camp facilities, a hostel, a theatre, a restaurant and café, a sports hall, sports fields, a swimming pond, and so much more. 

This ensures a unique and complete stay experience. On the de Hoge Rielen domain, you will not be short of anything and you don't have to worry about a thing.

The de Hoge Rielen was once a military domain. Today, freedom reigns here. No fixed programmes: you can be as busy as you wish, or not, during your stay.


We create space for stay experiences, adventure and rest.

According to these values and principles:

We create space for everyone, young people and all others. They will find a unique setting on this accommodation domain, a sanctuary of pure nature and exposed concrete.

Stay experience
We try to make every stay a real experience. By ensuring a smooth atmosphere, great commitment and professional service, we create a sense of playfulness for our guests. Anyone staying at the de Hoge Rielen is our guest. Group leaders often refer to the youngest participants as ‘ons gasten’ (endearing Flemish expression indicating young people as ‘our little ones, our guests’). For us at the de Hoge Rielen, all the boys and girls are ‘ons gasten’.

The de Hoge Rielen is an educational-pedagogical destination. We want to offer our guests adventure. Experiences that excite, stimulate, activate and help to discover.

Peace. That is the first and deepest impression the de Hoge Rielen makes on our guests and groups. Within our unique framework, after all the effort, gaming and running about, there is also room to relax, inside and outside. Peace and tranquillity are inherent to the de Hoge Rielen, here you will find plenty of breathing space.

A boy going down the zipline over the lake

Who is who?


  • Bert Mellebeek – Directeur de Hoge Rielen
  • Peggy Nuyts - Coördinator HR en Financiën
  • Bie Wuestenberghs - Assistent
  • Sigrid Van Eersel - Assistent
  • Jessy Melis - Assistent

Reception desk & information

  • Lies Daneels – Coördinator
  • Jeroen Buts – Domeinwacht
  • Jannes Horsten - Domeinwacht
  • Peggy De Laet
  • Chris Willems
  • Kathleen Hooyberghs
  • Jessy Melis
  • Alev Koç
  • Ann Van Oeckel

Food & Drink

  • Daan Sels - Coördinator
  • Eddy Proost - Assistent
  • Eric Bosman - Assistent
  • Gert Bastiaensen - Assistent
  • Vera Van der Schoot
  • Stefanie Vellemans
  • Sanga Sartoor
  • Karel Van De Heyning

Nature & Adventure

  • Stefaan Meeussen - Coördinator
  • Evelien Peeters
  • Jan Peeters
  • Kato Stijnen
  • Gaëtane Neyrinck

Technique and Cleaning

  • Gunter Goossens - Coördinator
  • Jef Beirinckx –  Adjunct Coördinator


  • Guido Proost - Assistent techniek
  • Dieter Wolfram
  • John Gouilliart
  • Noël Hermans
  • Pieter Roes
  • Peter Maegh
  • Bart Geudens
  • Dennis Van Vorst


  • Carine Hannes - Assistent schoonmaak
  • Suzy Boeckx
  • Annemie Sterckx
  • Conny Teunkens
  • Diane Van Dingenen
  • Jennifer Weeremans
  • Pilar Yap
  • Mechell Huysmans
  • Nancy Van den Broeck
  • Evi Lenaerts
  • Wichert De Roos
  • Sven Vandepaer
  • Marjorie Vansant
  • Kim Wijnants

Management by ADJ

The de Hoge Rielen is managed by the non-profit organisation Algemene Dienst voor Jeugdtoerisme (ADJ) (General Service for Youth Tourism) on behalf of the Flemish government

ADJ manages the de Hoge Rielen and is developing it:

  • The priority is as an accommodation domain for young people
  • In addition, as a centre where it is possible to realise multifunctional activities and innovative nature education initiatives for young people.


The de Hoge Rielen was once a British military domain.

As part of a NATO line of defence, the British army built sheds and roads on the domain in 1952. In the Base Ammunition Depot 3, which is now the de Hoge Rielen, both fuel and ammunition were stored in the sheds.

In 1960 the British left the domain and nature was given free rein.

In 1975 the Ministry of Culture bought the domain and converted it into a youth camp domain. The old ammunition sheds were converted into accommodation buildings and the former fields and hay meadows are ideal camp grounds.

Later the objective of the de Hoge Rielen was broadened to what it is today, an accommodation domain for young people that ‘creates space for stay experiences, adventure and rest’.

Children going to the building
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