Quality labels

Quality labels

You are guaranteed to experience a quality stay on the de Hoge Rielen. 

Day in, day out, the staff is committed to providing guests and visitors with a pleasant time on the de Hoge Rielen.

These are fine words that we are also putting into action. To this end, the de Hoge Rielen has been awarded on several occasions with a number of national and international quality labels.

Smiley Label

Only a few restaurants in the region have already been awarded the coveted Smiley Quality Label by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC). Since 2019, the de Hoge Rielen restaurant has also been one of the lucky owners of this quality label. The Federal Food Agency awards the Smiley label to companies that apply a reliable hygiene system.

In order to obtain the Smiley quality label, the restaurant's commercial kitchen underwent a total renovation in 2017. The kitchen was dismantled down to the bare brick and rebuilt with new appliances and worktops, among other things. In addition to the physical construction work, we rethought the entire food flow from supplier to prepared meal. We thoroughly streamlined the procedures of critical control points that guarantee hygienic preparation.

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