Be inspired by the beautiful green surroundings of the de Hoge Rielen and discover new energy.

Nature on the de Hoge Rielen has a lot to offer: You can unwind in a variety of landscapes or just break free and embark on an adventure.

Experience art and culture in nature. Nature is a powerful source of inspiration for creativity.

Be inspired by the idiosyncratic and unique architecture within the domain, which continues to bear witness to a long-term vision that provides a relationship with the past and with the entire domain. 

  • Landscapes at the de Hoge Rielen

  • Forest management plan

  • Bee project

  •  Sound artwork ‘A Fool’s Paradise’ - Fiona Tan

  • Bee viewing wall - Jason van der Woude

  • Samples of nature - Geert De Kockere

  • Master plan – Studio Secchi – Viganò

  • Reception building, camping in sheds, Wadi Hostel, outdoor theatre, camp tower, Buildings 11 and 14

  • Current construction projects

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