Activities with loan materials

Activities with loan materials

Is your activity program not completely full yet? Are you out of inspiration for another fun activity? Or are you still looking for cool and original game material?

Then browse through the many loan materials and trunk activities from the de Hoge Rielen lending service. You are sure to find something that your group will love.

You will receive the manuals associated with the activities when you come to pick up the game materials. You, therefore, do not have to print them out.

Activities with loan material

Folk play cart

Relive the old fairs with the folk’s games cart. Traditional gaming fun at its best! The cart contains 11 old wooden folk games such as stop shooting, ring throwing, skittles, tug of war, ‘pagschieten’ (wooden pins throwing), walking on stilts, etc. Go for pure gaming fun or turn it into a competition.

  • Suitable for all ages

View the manual (in Dutch)

Sports trunk

Among the activities with the loan materials, the sports trunk guarantees a few hours of active entertainment, which is good for everyone. In the sports trunk, you will discover well-known sports equipment such as footballs, skipping ropes, hockey equipment, baseball equipment, etc. as well as some original things such as the fling-it. Or try playing a well-known ball sport in a completely different way. Fun guaranteed for young and old!

  • Suitable for all ages

View the manual (in Dutch)

Gnomes' trunk

Five gnomes give you the best fun assignments: track bugs, make your own spider web, play gnome memory, hide together in a big rabbit hole. In short, game materials so as not to get bored. The gnome trunk allows toddlers to discover the wonders of nature in a pleasant, playful way. With the beautiful gnome book, the gnome puzzle and gnome hats, you will create the right atmosphere for the children.

  • Age: 4-6 years

View the manual (in Dutch)

Games trunk

With the games trunk, your group can indulge themselves with well-known board games in mega-sized versions. Also be surprised by a few lesser known, but certainly just as fun games. Although it is great fun to play in the forest, this is also a great loan materials activity, if a planned outdoor activity falls through due to bad weather.

  • Age: from 6 years

View the manual (in Dutch)

Photo hunt

Curious about how good you are at observation? By using photos, you will find the right way through the forest. You play a fun game at every photo location. You can choose from 3 routes: a route of 1.5 km, 3 km or 4.5 km. A great photo hunt to get to know the domain better.

  • Age: 6 - 12 years

View the manual (in Dutch)

Discover the underwater world

Still looking for materials for a fun water research project? Then, you have found it! At our lending service, you can borrow scoop nets, with which you can catch aquatic animals in the frog quarter or in the culm pits. Useful search cards help you to identify these mini creatures.

Do you prefer guidance? Discover the water biotope study workshop

  • Age: 6 - 14 years

Discover the forest and heath life

Among the loan materials, you will find this interesting trunk with which you can organise an exciting forest day or heath discovery tour. Look for insects and animal tracks, find out which plants grow on the de Hoge Rielen domain and measure how tall the trees are.

Do you prefer guidance? Discover the workshops biotope study forest and heath

  • Age: 8 - 16 years

View the manual (forest)

View the manual (heath)

Obstacle course

With the materials in this trunk you can create your own course full of exciting obstacles. Crawl under camouflage nets, walk blindfolded through the forest, balance over a slackline, etc. Sharpen your senses and take on the challenge!

  • Age: 8 - 12 years

View the manual (in Dutch)

Raft building

Take up the challenge and see how well your group can work together. Are you able to build a sturdy raft with lashing poles, rope, straps and barrels? Take the ultimate test on the water of the swimming lake. Which raft will float the longest? At our lending service you will find sufficient material to build 4 small or 2 large rafts.

  • Age: from 8 years 

View the manual (in Dutch)


Exciting! Who manages to climb, clamber and crawl through the corridors in the dark? The corridors are narrow and winding through the box. This way you get a kind of caving experience on a small surface. The speleo caving box is mounted on a large trailer. If you wish to borrow this, we can bring it to your building or camp ground.

  • Age: from 8 years

View the manual (in Dutch)

Sound art: A Fool’s Paradise

Sound art: A Fool’s Paradise

Discover the de Hoge Rielen through the ears of the internationally renowned artist, Fiona Tan. Equipped with an iPod and headphones you go to four specially selected places on the domain. At every place, a crazy architect shows you buildings that are actually not there. What you hear, you suddenly seem to feel, see and smell! You discover the most beautiful places of the domain in a very special way.

You can experience the sound artwork both on foot and by bike.

Do you prefer guidance? Discover the workshop A Fool’s Paradise       

  • Age: 8 - 18+ years

View the manual (in Dutch)

Orientation course

Who is the best at orienteering? With the help of the map and compass you borrow from the lending service you will find your way along one of the two courses on the domain. Can you find all the posts marked with numbers? Both courses are approximately 3.5 km long. 

  • Age: from 10 years

View the manual (in Dutch)


With this loan material you can imagine yourself as a real Scotsman in the Highlands. Different clans compete against each other in traditional Scottish folk games! Organise epic Highland games and try to excel in pole throwing, barrel rolling, stone throwing, the island race, castle siege, pole slalom, etc. In addition to physical strength, precision, technique and cooperation also determine who wins.

  • Age: + 12 years

View the manual (in Dutch)


How strong is your team? The assignments and exercises in this trunk stimulate collaboration and thus increase the group feeling. Do warm-up and energising exercises to create a positive dynamic or use them as an interlude at meetings. Challenge yourself to confidence exercises and cooperation assignments or challenge the collective brain with riddles and puzzles. This appropriate loan materials activity will help you become a stronger team!

  • Age: from 12 years

View the manual (in Dutch)

Gps hunt

GPS hunt

Ever heard of geocaching? With a GPS device you search the domain for the hidden treasure. At various points, you will have to find information and carry out assignments to find the next coordinate leading to the location of the treasure. Which group will have the most perseverance and find the treasure first?

Tip: hide a nice surprise at the location of the treasure beforehand.

  • Age: from 14 years, can also be younger with a supervisor in each group. 

View the manual (in Dutch)

Loan material

Are you tired of the hassle of having an endless amount of material? We have a lot of loan material that can come in handy during your stay.

Reserve the loaner material you need at reception.

Audiovisual material

Ideal for a small party or a movie night with your group.

  • Mobile sound system: installation, headphones, 2 speakers, microphone, XLR cable, extension cable, distribution box with 4 sockets, connection for MP3 and laptop
  • Projector: beamer, power cable, connector cable and remote control
  • Large screen: 200cm x 200cm, 20kg


Borrow bicycles to quickly move around the domain or to take a bike ride in the area.

  • 50 women's bicycles
  • 15 children's bicycles (8 – 12 years)

Lashing wood

Make the best lashing constructions for your accommodation building or camping site. Hours of construction and playing fun guaranteed

  • Large stock of lashing wood
  • Use is free
  • Based on availability, you cannot reserve it in advance
  • Transport of the lashing wood to your building or camp site: to be provided yourself or for a fee by the employees of the Hoge Rielen (transport in advance to reserve)

Other loan material

Don't feel like lugging around extra tables and chairs, sleeping or playing material? You can borrow them from us for a small price.

  • Balls Sets (basketball, handball, basketball, football, omni)
  • Set of tables 5 fold and 10 fold banks
  • Set of folding chairs 25
  • Stage Elements (1 x 2 m)
  • Draw mats
  • Sheet packages

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