Art and culture

Art and culture

You might not immediately associate the de Hoge Rielen with art and culture. Nevertheless, you can enjoy some cultural treasures and art projects in natural surroundings on the domain.

The sound artwork ‘A Fool’s Paradise’ allows you to discover the most beautiful places on the domain in a very special way.

Are you more of a visual arts fan? Take a look at our artistic beehive viewing wall

Or are you rather a lover of poetry? At various places on the domain, you will find ‘litenatures’ short poems about nature.

Sound artwork “A Fool’s Paradise” - Fiona Tan

Amongst the landscape of the de Hoge Rielen is an invisible work of art by Fiona Tan: ‘A Fool’s Paradise’. 

It does not take up physical space because it is non-material. It’s a story that you listen to with headphones. 

At four different locations, voices, sounds, ideas and stories influence what you see and allow you to view the landscape in an alternative, special way.

People with headphones during the workshop "A Fool’s Paradise

Fiona Tan (Indonesia, 1966), who is internationally known for her audiovisual installations and art, such as, films and photographic work, created the sound artwork ‘A Fool’s Paradise’ for the Flemish Government and the Fund for Cultural Infrastructure (Foci). 

This audio artwork was artistically accompanied by the art unit of the Flemish Government Architect in response to the master plan, by Studio Associato Secchi-Viganò, for the de Hoge Rielen.

Beehive viewing wall- Jason van der Woude

Feel free to visit the bees on the de Hoge Rielen domain! 

Here, you can also discover the intertwining between culture and nature from behind the unique beehive viewing wall. You can view the honey bee colony behind Camp 33 - Laars (Boot), in complete safety.

This artwork was created in 2017 by Jason van der Woude, in order to let the children watch the bees safely during ‘The World of Bees’ workshop.

Bee hifes stand

Jason van der Woude is a Dutch artist. He creates large installations using great quantities of the same recycled material. He created a similar construction ‘Open ruimte, Open functie’ (‘Open space, Open function’) for the permanent collection of the Verbeke Foundation, for example.

Our beehive viewing wall is constructed using recovered windows from old buildings on the de Hoge Rielen. When viewed from above, the wall follows the shape of a honeycomb.

Curious about how honeybees live and why they are so important? Find out in the workshop ‘The world of bees’ for children aged 6 - 12 years.

Workshop “The World of Bees”



In 2009, several ‘samples of nature’ by Geert De Kockere were placed in the de Hoge Rielen. These short poems about nature were cut out from Corten steel and can be found scattered throughout the domain. 

Let yourself be moved by poetic tongue-in-cheek texts full of wordplay and a touch of humour. You can find these word artworks at Camp 8 - Boog (Bow), Camp 10 - Gitaar (Guitar), Camp 15 - Lamp, Camp 17 - Spade (Shovel) and in the lake at Poort Noord (North Gate).

Geert De Kockere is a Flemish children's and young people’s author and poet.

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