At the de Hoge Rielen, you can enjoy the immense surrounding greenery. Go out into the countryside and let yourself be surprised by the variety of landscapes.

The de Hoge Rielen has a forest management plan to make optimal use of the qualities and possibilities of its green space. This plan includes a clear long-term vision on the management of the domain.

By the way, did you know that we also have special guests on the de Hoge Rielen? A colony of honey bees that helps take care of the domain!

Landscapes domain

The de Hoge Rielen is a domain of 230 hectares where you can indulge yourself to your heart’s content in an oasis of greenery

This area, with its diverse landscapes, can be compared to no less than 345 football pitches or more than 2 million square metres of nature. 

After all, the de Hoge Rielen has many guises, each of which has its own ecological values

Forest lake


Mixed forest: the largest part of the domain consists of a recreational mixed forest of deciduous tree species and Scots pine. 

Pine forest: for cultural-historical reasons, there are two places where we preserve the pine forest through rejuvenation.


Enjoy the beautiful purple heather on the de Hoge Rielen.

Due to the important value of fauna, we also maintain our heathland. These are connected by heather moorland corridors to increase the habitat of butterflies and dragonflies.


Enjoy beautiful ponds and lakes such as the Kikkerkwartier (frog quarter), the swimming pond and the de Spiegelaer.

On the domain, you will also find various water gardens. In addition to their natural function, they have an educational or recreational role. 

Natural reserves

On the de Hoge Rielen you will also find two beautiful nature reserves: the de Goorkens and the Dunes. These areas are not accessible but there are some places on the domain that offer a picturesque view of these natural landscapes.

Forest management plan

In collaboration with the de Hoge Rielen, the Agentschap Natuur & Bos (Nature & Forest Agency) drew up a forest management plan, inspired by the domain’s master plan.

The forest management plan indicates our aims with the management of the domain and provides insight into the qualities and possibilities regarding the domain. 

Sunrise in the forest

The forests and nature areas are managed by the Agentschap voor Natuur en Bos (Agency for Nature and Forest - ANF) in consultation with the Hoge Rielen.

  •  The number of pine trees will gradually be changed to mixed deciduous trees.
  • Ten hectares of pure pine trees are preserved in the dune area. There are still many old sheds in this area.
  • The plan also provides for the creation of ‘patches’ (passageways) between the various nature reserves. This promotes biodiversity and increases the size of the natural reserves.
  • The accessible nature reserves are managed with a view to creating varied forests and biotopes. Dead trees are not cut down and blackberries are not always cleared away. 

Contribute to the management of the domain with your group and enjoy nature to the fullest!

Nature management workshop

Bee project

Since 2016, special guests have been living on the de Hoge Rielen: a colony of honey bees. They live in a unique hive, the ‘hobosphere’. This special, round beehive makes life easier for the honey bees. In this hive, they can build their nest the natural way, making them calmer and stronger.

Our beekeeper, Oliver, checks the hive regularly and ensures that the honey bees are not short of anything.

Bee Hive

Curious about how honeybees live and why they are so important?

Workshop ‘The world of bees’
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