Rules de Hoge Rieeln


The de Hoge Rielen has a number of domain rules about traffic, fire, waste, safety, pets and cancellations. 

It is important to read the de Hoge Rielen rules and regulations before your stay. This way, no one will be faced with any surprises.

The de Hoge Rielen rules in a nutshell

The entire space is organised for and is focused on walking and cycling.


  •  Roads: open to the public between 7 am and 9 pm
  • Play forest and woodland areas have restricted access
  • Demarcated nature reserves are not accessible

  Motorised traffic is not permitted. Are you expecting a delivery? Please contact the reception desk.

  Making a fire is not allowed. Would you like to use a fire pit? Contact the reception desk.

Smoking is not allowed.

Dogs and other pets: are not allowed on the domain.

After 10 pm it is quiet on the entire domain. Are you planning a noisy activity? Contact the reception desk.

  Waste: take it with you / guests can take waste to the container park on the domain.n
Also, read the complete set of rules and regulations for the de Hoge Rielen. 

Rules and regulations

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