For those who love to play in the forest, the de Hoge Rielen is one large play forest. 

Clambering in the trees, playing an exciting forest game, building camps, enjoying the landscape from the treehouse, skating, splashing in the swimming lake… on the de Hoge Rielen domain, you will find the most beautiful places to indulge yourself and let off steam. 

You have plenty of space to organise activities around your accommodation building and on your camp ground

Do you need specific equipment? View the extent of our lending service

Discover even more fun play opportunities at the de Hoge Rielen below.

Activities with loan materials

Still looking for fun activities or play equipment?

Be sure to check our range of lending activities and suitcases.

In our lending service you will find everything you need to build rafts, set up an obstacle course, play highland games, get lost in the caving box, have fun with original games from the game box,…. Plenty of choice!

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Teenagers on a raft in the lake
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