Construction with wood and rope

With wooden beams and ropes, we will teach you the correct knotting and lashing techniques to make strong connections

After this workshop, you will have mastered the timber hitch, cross lashing and clove hitch

Good cooperation during this lashing knot workshop makes it all possible!

It is of the utmost importance for the success of this activity that you work well together. You will assemble an adventurous course by working together. Wobbly bridges, floating beams, ladders,… What will the course eventually look like? And do you dare to clamber over it yourself? 

  • Age: 10 - 18+ years
  • Number of participants: minimum 12 and maximum 25 (larger groups on request)
  • Duration: 2 hours

Theme building a group & collaboration

Challenge yourself as a group and become a stronger team. Both for new groups that need a helping hand to get to know each other, and for existing groups that want to strengthen mutual relationships.

Excited about doing this workshop?

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