Camp 30 - Vlag (Flag)

Campground for a group of 200 people

At Camp 30 - Vlag (Flag) you have a grassy meadow to pitch your tents and a sanitary building with showers, toilets and washbasins with cold water.

This campground has sufficient facilities to accommodate groups of up to 200 people.


      Specific information about Camp 30 – Vlag (Flag)


      • Surface area: 4000 m²
      • Capacity: +/- 200 people

       Sanitary facilities with cold water

      •  2 x 3 showers
      • 6 toilets
      • 6 washbasins (4 inside, 2 outside)

      Additional information

      Each campground has its own fire pit to make a campfire.

      • Free use of 2 bicycles and a cargo bike at each campground.

      The camping season for campgrounds without a shed runs from the beginning of the Easter holidays until September 30th.

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