Building 55 - Konijn (Rabbit)

Group accommodation for 84 people

Building 55 - Konijn (Rabbit) is the largest group accommodation in the de Hoge Rielen. Don't want to carry your luggage too far? No problem because the accommodation building is next to the car park. This group accommodation has the necessary facilities for a stay of up to 84 people, spread over two floors and a separate house.

Outside you can fully exert your energy in the forest and in the open space in front of the building. If you choose this group accommodation, you will have lunch and dinner in the restaurant. Without the stress of cooking, you can get the most out of your stay. You sleep in several small bedrooms. The separate house with its own kitchen and bathroom offers extra options.


      Specific info Building 55 - Rabbit (Konijn)

      • Building on two floors

      • Extensive sanitary facilities

      • Close to the meeting rooms in building 54 - Klaver (Clover)

      • Central heating

      • Medium size day room, tables and chairs

      • Cosy sitting area with fireplace

      • Separate small meeting room

      • Ground floor (40 beds)
        • 3 bedrooms for 4 persons (1 bunk bed and 2 single beds)
        •  8 bedrooms for 2 persons (2 single beds)
        •  1 bedroom for 2 persons (1 double bed)
      • 10 bedrooms for 1 person
        • Upper floor (32 beds)
      •  2 bedrooms for 4 persons (1 bunk bed and 1 double bed)
      • 10 bedrooms for 2 persons (2 single beds)
      •  4 bedrooms for 1 person
        • Separate house ground floor (12 beds)
      • 1 bedroom for 6 people (1 bunk bed and 1 double bunk bed)
      • 1 bedroom for 4 people (2 bunk beds)
      • 1 bedroom for 2 persons (1 bunk bed)
      • Pillow and 1 blanket per bed
      • Basic equipment
      • Dishwasher

      •  Coffee maker

      • Equipped for making breakfast

      • Lunch and dinner to be taken in the restaurant

      • Ground floor along the corridor: 
        • 5 toilets
        • 3 urinals
        • Toilet + bath suitable for people with disabilities
      • Ground floor sanitary facilities: 
        • Communal shower with changing room
        • 2 individual showers
        • Toilet suitable for people with disabilities
        • Bathroom with bathtub and shower suitable for people with disabilities
      • Separate house ground floor:
        • 2 separate toilets
        • Bath
      • Sanitary facilities upper floor: 
        • 1 group shower with changing room
        • 3 individual showers
        • 3 toilets
        • 3 urinals
      • Tourism Flanders recognition: Youth accommodation type C
      • Free use of 2 bicycles, one cargo bike and a go-kart

      • Free use of the fire pits to make a campfire (must be booked in advance)

      Price per day for the entire building and all its facilities

      • Category 1: 584,53 euros
      • Category 2: 628.51 euros
      • Category 3: 1162,63 euros
      • Category 4, VAT included: 1307,53 euros

      Prices are without meals

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